All sales proceeds from    Hey Star!    will be donated to the Skyline football program.

All sales proceeds from Hey Star! will be donated to the Skyline football program.

If you are a friend, former student, or athlete of Coach Fardella, and would like to share a memory to be included in Hey Star!, please use the form below.

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Share your favorite memory of Coach Fardella.

For Football Players/Athletes:
Describe how the experience of playing football at Skyline influenced/inspired you, and how it has enriched your life overall. What life lessons did you learn from playing high school football?

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hey star!

Hey Star! is the story of Coach Tony Fardella’s life, from his childhood years in San Francisco, to his first teaching and coaching positions, and many championship football seasons at Skyline High School in Oakland, California. Photographs and memorabilia provide the visual texture, and an exploration of his interests, hobbies, and endeavors off the field create a rich and colorful image of a Bay Area high school coaching legend.

The foreword was written by Dick Vermeil, celebrated coach of the UCLA Bruins, Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams, and Kansas City Chiefs, and friend and mentor of Tony Fardella.

Coaches and those who knew and worked with Fardella over the years share their insight into his dedication and innovative coaching style, and memories from many of his former football players and students illuminate lessons they learned from him and carry throughout their lives, illustrating the importance of high school sports programs in this time of limited and diminishing school district budgets.

Also included is Recipe for Winning Football — a blueprint for how Fardella built his successful football program at Skyline. Originally, it was a speech he made at the Coach of the Year Clinic in 1985 in San Francisco when he was honored with the Northern California Coach of the Year award, and is a timeless and invaluable resource for any high school football coach. 

Hey Star! is currently being written and designed by Fardella's daughter, Tania, and will be available for purchase via All proceeds will be donated to the Skyline football program.